About Slokkers

Slokkers BV has played an active role in maritime shipping for over forty years and has always greatly valued engagement. The company on the shores of the Old Maas in Zwijndrecht has a small team involved in cargo, tank and RORO ships, as well as barges.

The management is run independently, or in cooperation with associates, captains and co-owners. Slokkers distinguishes itself through by an economic approach wherein fuel prices and emission have become the benchmarks for future potential. Innovation is not a threat, but rather offers new opportunities for maritime transport modalities to strengthen in a quickly changing world of transport. For example, we can offer our professional network to help build cargo ships, tankers or barges.

At the helm of the operation stand Cees van den Berg, Marcia Slokkers and Tatjana van den Berg. The team is aware of the all the ins and outs of maritime transport. Slokkers offers a total concept that, combined with your input, can be creative and efficient in putting businesses on the map and stick to a budget. An idea or a plan for new businesses? Make sure that a visit to Veerplein 57 is on your to-do list. You are always welcome.


  • Together with associates, captains and co-owners Slokkers has access to 12 RORO ships with a total transportation capacity of 4500 cars. It is also possible to transport heavy rolling materials up to 150 tons.
  • In these transports the focus is on high quality logistics, technical equipment and service.


  • Slokkers has access to 40 barges. These are barges owned by Slokkers or by third parties associated with Slokkers.


  • Tankers especially outfitted for the tranport of, for example, slurry and silicic acid. These tankers sail under the flags of Maaskade Bevrachters BV and Mariliq in Gent.
  • Remaining tankers are owned by several chartering companies.

Ship management

  • Administrative services as well as personnel and technical management are tailored to your needs.
  • Fleet diversity makes the company suitable for not only dry goods transport, but also containers, RORO and liquid cargo. Our distribution area varies from the ARA-area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) to Switzerland. Door-to-door transport is also an option offered.


  • Slokkers deals in all matters related to floating objects and has a reputation for finding and connecting parties.


  • Can be reached outside of regular office hours and 24/7 for calamaties.
  • A deal is a deal.
  • Slokkers understands cost management to be a part of the offered service to clients.
  • Slokkers offers an allround maritime network.
  • The Slokkers team is enterprising, creative and motivated.
Slokkers B.V.
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3331 LD, Zwijndrecht
+31 (0) 78-6816000
Cees van den Berg
Marcia Slokkers
Tatjana van den Berg
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Handel- en Scheepvaartbedrijf O. Slokkers B.V.